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It can be said that yes, we are in one of the post-crisis periods and tourism is catching its breath in Brazil and around the world. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council – a forum for the specialized industry – the sector mustreturn globally to pre-pandemic levels in 2023and expand at a rate that will exceed that of gross domestic product (GDP) growth.

IninterviewAt the beginning of the year, the executive director of the UN World Tourism Organization, Zoritsa Urosevic, stated asia mobile number list that it is time to rethink the entire market. “I would say that this sector is very resilient: we all dream, and we all want to travel. For now, we need to improve education and training, but I see a bright future. Tourists will return in a relationship that will be more respectful than before: there will be a new path to happiness in tourism and cultural exchange.”

At this point, no one wants to imagine another crisis happening, right? Fortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic, which essentially brought the planet to a standstill, is no longer the most important headline in newspapers. And, like it, other delicate historical moments have already called into question people's autonomy in crossing borders. Moments of uncertainty come and go and will likely continue to test society and institutions. Find out how post-crisis periods, such as wars and natural disasters, have affected the flow of travel before – and the lessons learned so that, if necessary, this market can recover more efficiently in the future.


Travel & tourism in the context of the First World War…
In the first half of the 20th century, the tourism industry grew vigorously thanks to the mass production of buses and cars. Europe commanded and witnessed the movement, but, when international travel was becoming an issue, the First World War broke out – which, in the end, ended up changing the map of the continent. Then it became even more difficult to travel as there was, in general, a certain restriction on movement to other countries. Economically, it was a blow and governments realized the effects that the lack of visitors could have. The crisis resulting from conflicts intensified interest in tourism (at the same time, thepassport and visa standards began to be widely adopted).

…and in World War II
After the Second World War ended in 1945, the sector gained a gigantic boost, largely due to the technological revolution that impacted transport, from automobiles to planes with great capacity and autonomy (already used commercially. LINK TO TEXT OF THE HISTORY OF AIRPLANES). Agencies saw the potential in the market and founded the first associative entities, such as unions and associations of travel operators. This all paved the way for tourism to reach global industry levels.

Post-crisis periods: recession in the 1970s and mass tourism
The recession of 1973–1975 was a period of economic stagnation in much of the Western world, which put an end to the general post-World War II economic expansion. It was a different crisis from previous ones, because unemployment and inflation were at their highest simultaneously. This was also a time of consolidation of mass tourism: traveling stopped being something just for an exclusive group and became a leisure activity within the reach of many.

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